At we guarantee that our customer’s personal information and privacy are respected and seriously secured. To understand our commitment to the safety of customer information, please read the security policy below:


  • The information that customers provide on our website will be used for:
    • Supporting customers when buying our products
    • Replying to queries, feedbacks and complaints from customers
    • Informing customers of our latest news on the website
    • Evaluating and improving the content and interface of our website.
    • Conducting customer surveys.
    • Promoting services and products of Hello Vietnam Travel.
  • To use and access to our services at, customers might be required to sign up by submitting personal information, such as email, name and phone number. All information supplied by customers has to be precise and legal. is not responsible for any illegal information from customers.
  • We might also record how many times customers visited to the website, including the number of pages customers viewed, the number of links customers clicked and other information relating to customer’s connection to
  • When customers access to our website, we also automatically receive and record information of customer’s browser including IP address, browser type, time on site, cookie information and the pages customers visited.
  • receives and uses customer information for appropriate purposes and completely conforms to the security policy.
  • When necessary, we will use these supplied information to contact directly with customers and send open letter, order form, thank you letter to customers. If customers subscribe to our website, we will periodically inform customers about our latest security technique, products, services, as well as information about upcoming events and promotion program.
  • We are committed to conceal customer information except in particular cases mentioned in the security policy.
  • We might also disclose and provide customer information in some essential and urgent cases below:
    • When required by the law enforcement agencies.
    • When we believe these information can protect our legitimate rights under the law.
    • When it is urgent and essential to protect the rights and privacy of other members in
  • Customers can retrieve and change their personal information anytime through some website links that we provide.
  • The act of submitting personal information means that customers have agreed to our terms and conditions mentioned above.
  • is committed to secure customer information as much as possible. However, no information transferred across the internet is 100% secured due to technical limits. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that all customer information is absolutely safe; and we are not responsible for any information leakage caused by customers.
  • To protect personal information when using computer with many people, we suggest that customers should close all the websites or log off from the computer after using.
  • If customers do not agree to our terms and conditions above, we suggest that customers should not submit information to us.
  • uses “Cookie” to help customers personalize and use their online time in the most efficient way.
  • Cookie is a message given to a web browser by a web server. The browser stores the message in a text file. Cookie is not used for running the programs or sending viruses to customer’s computer. Only the web server that sent the cookies can read and use them.
  • One purpose of cookies is that customers do not have to submit information again if they already did on their last visit to the website
  • Customers can agree or refuse to use cookie. However, some of our services and features on the website will be affected if customers do not use cookies.
  • really concerns about spam emails that impostors send to customers. We only send emails to customers that have registered or used services from our system.
  • guarantees not to sell or lease customer’s email to anyone.
  • When unexpectedly receiving emails sent from our system, customers should click the attached link to stop receiving emails, or contact directly with our website administrators.
  • We can change or modify the terms and conditions in this security policy without informing customers in advance.
  • The security policy is imposed only on We are not responsible for security policy and legal issues on other websites advertising on Customers should read the security policy on other websites carefully before giving any information.
  • We would highly appreciate any feedback, contributing comment or recommendation about the security policy. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us via email: