Thailand Tours 6 Days 5 Nights

6 Day 5 Night

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Quý khách sẽ được tham quan một số địa điểm nổi bật:

– Chùa Phật Vàng 5,5 tấn – linh thiêng nhất tại thủ đô Bangkok

– Thưởng thức các loại Đặc sản Thái Lan trong thực đơn hàng ngày.

– Tham quan Vườn Thú Khao Kheow. ( NEW ĐẶC SẮC )

– Thành Phố Tình Yêu Mimosa. ( NEW )

– Thưởng thức chương trình tạp kỷ Show Bede Hoành Tráng tại Pattaya.

– Cung Điện Mùa Hè – Hoàng Cung Ngũ Thế Hoàng.

– Tòa Nhà Quốc Hội – kiến trúc thời Ý.

– Phật Bốn Mặt linh thiêng.

– Chùa Thuyền Wat Yannawa

– Đảo Coral – còn gọi là Đảo San Hô.

– MASSAGE thái cổ truyền đánh thức sức mạnh tiềm năng của cơ thể.

– Dạo thuyền tham quan đời sống ven sông của người dân Thái và xem hiện tượng cá nổi  trên sông Chao Phra Yao.

– Ngắm toàn cảnh Pattaya trên ngọn Đồi Đô Đốc Hải Quân Kromlung Chumpron



Hotel standard Adult price Child price (6-10 ages 75%)
Mini $309 $232


Hello Vietnam Travel makes every effort to serve our customers better. If a reservation has to be cancelled, customers will be charged a fee depending on how far from the departure date the cancellation takes place.

For usual days:

  • 30 or more days prior to departure – 10% of total purchase amount
  • 10-29 days prior to departure – 30% of total purchase amount
  • 6-9 days prior to departure – 50% of total purchase amount
  • Within 5 days prior to departure – 100% of total purchase amount
  • Day of departure or no-show – 100% of total purchase amount

For public days and New Year holiday: 100% of total purchase amount

  • Unused features are non-refundable.
  • The cancellation fees listed here will apply to all reservations, unless the tour booked has exceptions listed under the “Special Notes” section on the itinerary page.
  • Your refund request will be answered and processed promptly. If you do not receive the reply within one business day, please call the office immediately. We will not be responsible if email, mail, or faxes fail to reach us.

NOTE: We cannot grant refunds more than 14 days after completion of tour. Credit card payments incure a non refundable 3% surcharge.

Conditions of displaced the departure date (only moved 1 times)

  • Rescheduled before 10 days compared to the day of departure: charge moved the 0% money tour (excluding holidays and Sundays).
  •  Ago 6 days compared to departure: 20% of the displaced charge money tour (excluding holidays and Sundays).
  •  Ago 4 compared to the day of departure: charge moved 40% of money tour (excluding holidays and Sundays).
  • ​ After time on the 100% of the displaced charge: tour (excluding holidays and Sundays).


  • Program sequence can be changed but the number of the program remains unchanged.
  • You are at point 15 minutes before. Visitors to the delay when the vehicle was departing or cancel the tour didn’t notice please bear as ‘ cancel the ticket on the day of departure ‘
  • Children must go with their parents or have committed to go on tour together, when relatives come to carry a birth certificate or passport.
  • Please take care of your own property through the tour.
  • When registering, please provide your personal information


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